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This Weeks Playlist [08/7/11]

This Weeks Playlist - 08/7/11
Welcome to This Weeks Playlist - A collection of songs that I've loved most this week!
All songs are linked, click on the artists name to go to a page where you can listen to the song.

Bangerang - Dave Giles
If I Die Young - The Band Perry
Love Story - Taylor Swift
Watch You Dance - Summerlin
Who Are You When I'm Not Looking - Blake Shelton
Cowboy Casanova - Carrie Underwood
Every Time You Lie - Demi Lovato
Dirt Road Anthem - Jason Aldean
Walking In Memphis - Lonestar

Notes & Rambles about this weeks songs;
This week's playlist is 90% country, I swear. You may or may not know I'm a huge fan of country music though and listen to it every day. It just happened this week that was mostly what I listened to.
I've been listening to a lot of songs that I used to listen to - if you know what I mean... the songs that get pushed aside when new ones come out.
I have two current favourites out of the new recordings of the songs that are gonna be on Dave Giles' new EP - I meant to put Watching People on Trains in last weeks playlist, but because I usually form the playlist's on itunes and the song is on myspace, I forgot to add it when I was writing it up on here. So this week I've put my other favourite song on the list, Bangerang. It is awesome
If I Die Young is my new favourite song by The Band Perry. Because simply, It's a stunning song! 
I love Kellie Pickler's new song, Tough! It's so good to hear new music from her!
Love Story was probably the second ever Taylor Swift song I heard and I've been listening to it a lot recently - It's one those songs I was talking about it the beginning.
I've been listening to Summerlin a lot. I have fond memories linked to their songs. Particularly Watch You Dance
Blake Shelton is a big yes. I'm kind of obsessed with Who Are You When I'm Not Looking.
One of my favourite and most played Carrie Underwood songs is Cowboy Casanova - It's kind of on repeat... again.
Another one of those songs I mentioned in the beginning is Every Time You Lie by Demi Lovato, It's probably one of my favourite Demi Lovato songs but (until this week) I haven't listened to it in a while.
Forever obsessed and listening to Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean.
Other country songs that were on repeat this week included Walking In Memphis by Lonestar.

I'm sure my rambles notes get longer every week... a big congrats and thanks if you actually read that.
Happy Friday! Have a great weekend.

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