Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Outfit of the Day - 06/7/11

Outfit of the Day - 06/7/11

I haven't done an outfit post in a while, mainly because - 1. I still haven't got a tripod and/or a new camera & 2. My camera has officially died.
So my photos are even worse than usual, haha! Sorry about that. I took the photos with my somehow-still-alive iphone (3GS). I hope you like them anyway!

I recently done a bit of online shopping - I actually prefer shopping online... more reasons I suck at being a girl - most of which arrived today.
So I thought even though my camera is dead I'd do an outfit post!

Forever buying cardigans & sweaters etc... Yes even in summer.
I just really love them...
Other things I love and buy too many of include cowboy boots! I will forever be a country girl.
I got these off ebay for £14.99 (!!)

Outfit Details
Dress - Forever21
Cardigan - Forever21
Boots - Ebay

You might have guessed already but I'm waay behind with blog commenting and such. But I'm hoping to catch up today!

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  1. This dress is gorgeous!!!

  2. Supe amazing boots!!!Love them!I am still waiting a pair of boots bought on ebay!Hope they will come today ;)!

  3. your boots are divine xxx