Friday, 1 July 2011

Things I Love Thursday... on a Friday ♥

Things I Love Thursday ♥
(On a Friday)

Big pieces of loveliness; 
Gala Darling is Engaged (!!) How wonderful is that?! Big Congratulations to her! ♥ Dave Giles (Aka: My favourite person in the universe) uploaded new recordings of some of the songs that are going to be on his new EP - Current favourite: Watching People on Trains ♥ Playing catch up - It's quite daunting, y'know there's 347 posts on bloglovin waiting for me... but I actually find it quite interesting and fun going through everything I've missed all at once. Reading a lot of posts is better than reading none. ♥ Having a breakthrough in my song writing - after a solid couple of weeks, I wrote 2 songs in one day and wrote another one the next day. You have no idea how happy that makes me.

Little Pieces of Loveliness; 
♥ Tweets that make me smile ♥ New music (!!) ♥ Record shopping & having a legit conversation about The Runaways with the store owner. ♥ Parcels, post etc. ♥ Planning major adventures ♥ The glorious weather: Thunder, Lightning, rain.. rain & more rain... and sunshine! ♥ Witnessing my mum pick up the phone in the phone box because it was ringing... rad mum. ♥ Getting my 'country' fix by finding some awesome new Tumblr's dedicated to everything country (!!) ♥ Wearing lace tights & bright pink converse ♥ It's JULY. I'm excited for many reasons. But in general I'm always excited about a new month ♥

Picture Love ♥

Happy Friday & Happy July (!!)

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  1. Happy Friday and happy july as well!!!

  2. Happy Friday honey!!!Love this post, these shots, especially the òast, are so adorable!Thanks for sharing!