Thursday, 28 July 2011

Things I Love Thursday [28/7/11]

Things I Love Thursday ♥

Apologies for the lack of posts. I was away for a few days and got back yesterday.
Just a reminder that - if you're interested - my new blog: Tales of Chaos is updated most days. But obviously, that blog is centred around me & my life and you might not be interested in that.

Anyway. Welcome to this weeks TiLT! Yes, I'm actually posting it on the right day this week.

I spent 2 days in Sheffield. Got lost once. Saw my favourite person in the universe. And every second was worth it. ♥ Listening to 'Watching people on trains' on a train, while texting the person who wrote it. ♥ A new sweet shop just opened in my town... it's magical (!!) ♥ Making birthday related lists. ♥ Ordering my birthday dress! I done it yesterday, it's none of the dresses I have featured. I knew that would happen. If my camera decides to work I will be sure to take some photos nearer the time. The first photo(s) will appear on Tales of Chaos though! ♥



Happy Thursday!

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  1. Love the first two things. It is so cute!! :D