Thursday, 14 July 2011

Etsy Love ♥

Etsy is one of those places online where you can just find the most incredible things!
It's probably one of my favourite places online to look for things and I tend to spend far too much time on there frequently!
So today, I thought I'd do an etsy post ♥

I get the feeling I shouldn't like this, but I do anyway.
I also can't help but think what my cat would think of it....

Sadly, I don't own a cookie jar (I know right?!) I'm pretty sure If I had my own place, I actually would.
But anyway, I think I need to own this... A strawberry shaped cookie jar (!!)

Anything rainbow coloured is essential in my life...

As if I needed any more reasons to start baking again...
Etsy is of full of amazing aprons! I kind of had a tough time choosing.
But this snow white inspired one is incredible!

I honestly can't believe I don't own these...
I think I need to buy them very soon!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I like the strawberry shaped cookie jar

  2. Lovely blue cat!!!

    Please visit my English Fashion Blog:

    Wanna follow each other???


  3. Thanks honey for this beautiful post!Etsy is the best place to buy special things, especially handmade clothing ;)!

  4. The more I scrolled down the more I found myself either oohing and ahhing! The hello kitty are the cutest.

  5. OMG I absolutely loved your picks!!!

    Etsy is my favourite treasure trove of wonderful items too, I am always on it. :)

    The Cat Hag