Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Owl love ♥

I'm aware that owl related fashion/jewelry has been around for a while now... but I've only just got into it.
My current obession is indeed... owls.
I mean, owls in general. Not just fashion or jewelry etc. I actually find owls quite interesting.
*Animal nerd*.

Here are some owl related items that I adore ♥

Owl top, £35, Urban Outfitters

Owl purse, £13.86, Etsy

Owl necklace, £4.75, Etsy

Owl hair bow, £6.32, Etsy

Owl bead bracelet, £5.06, Etsy

Yay for owl love (!!) ♥
xo Misty

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Recent Adventures - The Weekend

Recent Adventures ~

Hellooo! I promised to re-start blogging today. So I figured I'd start with an update.
I spent the weekend in Nottingham, but before the weekend arrived I was still in 'secret project mode' - When I start a new project I tend to not tell anyone (And I literally mean no one...) anything at all. I'm very ambitious, but constantly living in fear of talking about something and it not working out. And so I choose to tell people about it when it's done and when I know everything's worked out.
And so my life is currently all about this one project. Like, all my time is being put into this. Which is why posting may occasionally fall a little slow (I'm sorry if that happens) and I keep disappearing for a few days on social networking sites.
So, that's just so you know if I disappear. No worries, I'm just in 'Secret Project HQ' :')

So anyway. I headed off to Nottingham on Saturday to see My Chemical Romance - Possibly my favourite band, and one of the few bands/singers that managed to help me through a lot of bad times.
I can't put into words my level of excitement about seeing them, being in the same room as them, or even the show itself.
It took me a while to calm down. And realize it had actually happened and this wasn't just one of my frequent mad dreams.
I took some photos, they aren't the best because my camera is rapidly going downhill :[

Sunday was uneventful as ever. I was Nottingham bound though, which was slightly different. I was Nottingham bound because I couldn't get all the way home on a Sunday due to shit public transport. So I literally spent the day in a hotel room watching tv, eating unhealthy food and laying around with my laptop.
It was pretty cool though.

Possibly the greatest Saturday of my life.... (followed by the laziest Sunday of my life).
I'm still catching up on sleep :| I'm incredibly tired.
Buuut, I have a lot of things to do. Including catching up with over 200 unread blog posts. My project. And blogging.

It's time to play catch up!
Happy Tuesday ♥
xo Misty

Sunday, 20 February 2011

And so I'm back...

Well Hello....
Although, my music blog will continue ( I've missed fashion/style/beauty/personal blogging far too much to just not do it anymore anddd so I'm back :D

I'm currently away from home and so I'll be back blogging properly on Monday evening or Tuesday at the latest :]

xo Misty