Monday, 11 July 2011

Birthday Dress Inspiration

Yesterday marked one month 'til my birthday (!!) And so I thought some birthday dress inspiration was needed.

Alice Dress by Jones and Jones @ Topshop - £65
If I had to pick one dress out of all the dresses here, it would be this one.
It's currently out of stock in my size though. Boo! And not in my ideal budget.

Stripe and Block Dress by Wal G @ Topshop - £32
I do love stripes... a lot. And the colour red!

Pink Ballet Dress @ Miss Selfridge - £39
You may or may not know that I'm not a huge fan of pink. For me to wear it, it has to be really bright or like this dress, kind of dusky and subtle!

Bright Turquoise Bow Prom Dress @ River Island - £44.99
Doesn't this dress make you happy? It's my favourite colour and it has a bow... so that makes me very happy.

Birdie Button Dress @ Sugarhill Boutique - £30
Again.. my favourite colour is blue so this dress is automatically awesome!
But, it also has this incredible detailed embroidered bird on the back (!!)
(you can see it by clicking on 'sugarhill boutique')
Oh, and I believe the buttons are actually pink?! Which is so pretty.

Rainbow Butterfly Dress @ Sugarhill Boutique - £62
Again, not in my ideal budget. But it is a beautiful dress and completely worth the price.

Those are my favourites right now in terms of 'birthday' dresses.
I find my 19th birthday quite daunting but I think it can be sweetened with a pretty dress...

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  1. All of those dresses are amazing, great selection!

  2. The pink ballet dress is my favourite!