Wednesday, 29 June 2011


I just checked out the Floradita collection on the Dorothy Perkins site and instantly fell in love with every single item (!!)

"Introducing Floradita – spring/summer’s key

capsule collection with a riot of blooms and simple
feminine shapes. Indulge in some modern romance
with a hint of the 1950s in stand-out sundresses, full
skirts and simple tops. Delicate embroidery and
peter-pan collars add a nostalgic edge"

It's such a stunning collection full of beautiful romantic, elegant pieces! Here's some of my favourites -

So much prettiness!
You can check out all of the collection here!

Happy Wednesday!

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Monday, 27 June 2011

Video of the Week [27/6/11]

Apologies for the lack of posting and commenting/reading your blogs etc. Things have been a little crazy and tiring, but posting and such will pick up very soon!

This week's Video of the Week is the lovely Ivyrise! They released a new video a couple of days ago and it's for 'Yes To Running' - If there was a song I love more than 'Line up the Stars' It's this one! - The video is stunning! There are simply no other words to describe it with...

Hope ya'll had a great weekend! - It is unbearably hot here today (!!)
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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Printed Love ♥

Happy Saturday! Today's post is full of lovely prints. I've mentioned before I'm fussy when it comes to floral's and prints - So I went searching... and today I present to you my findings!

Tribal shorts with belt / £16.75 @ Forever21

Green floral print a line skirt / £28.00 @ River Island

Kiss print skirt / £11.50 @ Forever21

Pink print strappy sundress / £34.99 @ River Island

Handkerchief Cardi / £88.00 @ Anthropologie 

Contrasting halves dress / £168.00 @ Anthropologie

Jigsaw pieces tank / £58.00 @ Anthropologie

Jade ditsy fit & flare dress / £26.00 @ Dorothy Perkins

Summer floral dress / £18.75 @ Forever21

Satin tribal skirt / £11.50 @ Forever21

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

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Friday, 24 June 2011

This Weeks Playlist [24/6/11]

This Weeks Playlist - 24/6/11

Welcome to This Weeks Playlist - A collection of songs that I've loved most this week!
All songs are linked, click on the artists name to go to a page where you can listen to the song.
(I don't have a link for Note to Self, but ya'll should just go and buy her album anyway!)

Car Crash - Anna Nalick
Angela - Missy Higgins
Collapse (Post Amerika) - Rise Against
Fireflies - Faith Hill
You Lie - The Band Perry
Note To Self - Tenille
Long Live - Taylor Swift
Sleeps - Summerlin
Glorious - The Pierces

Notes & rambles about this weeks songs;
Car Crash is my new favourite Anna Nalick song, it's kind of been on repeat this week. And it's climbing fast up the list of most played songs on my itunes.
I fell in love with the lyrics of Angela by Missy Higgins this week. Just incredible.
There has been a lot of listening to Rise Against been going on recently. And now, today, I found out they're going on a UK tour and so listening is not going to stop any time soon. This week I chose Collapse (Post Amerika) for this weeks playlist because it was on repeat at the start of the week.
I do believe on my Last FM page, it says: 'I'm both a long time punk fan & country fan' - and that sums this weeks playlist up in a nutshell I think... and my taste in music. Being a country fan means I'm a fan of Faith Hill. And Fireflies is just... amazing. The lyrics are stunning. I love it.
I would very much like Kimberly Perry's voice please. Ugh, it's perfect. Secret pleasures aside... You Lie is one of those songs I just have to listen to over and over again. Because I love it that much.
I finally got round to buying Tenille's debut album this week! I instantly fell in love with every song... which made it hard to choose just one to put in this weeks playlist. But I choose Note To Self, because it struck a chord with me. I felt I related to it a lot. And she just has such an incredible voice.
I could literally listen to Long Live all day, I swear. It's no secret that Taylor Swift is my favourite person.. (yes person not just singer or song writer.. because she's all of those too.) and she's my most played artist on Last FM & itunes. Long Live makes me emotional, it probably shouldn't but it does. I love the lyrics, the meaning... everything.
I had to put Summerlin in, not just because I adore them but because I went to see them yesterday! Yesss. They were amazing, as is this song! Sleeps is their latest song and I love it!
Whenever I listen to Glorious it makes me want to sing. Really loudly. Haha! I've seen them perform it live which makes me listen to it even more I think.
Change is such an incredible song. I find it very inspiring and beyond true...
And once again this has been a lot of rambling.
I'd like to congratulate you if you read it all!

If you're getting bored with my music related posts, don't worry, I have a fashion post tomorrow!

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Video of the Week [21/6/11]

I was supposed to post this yesterday... oops. But anyway, Video of the Week is something I did on my music blog and just like This Week's Playlist it'll be happening every week on this blog now.
(Video of the Week on Monday's and This Week's Playlist on Friday's)
So, this week's Video of the Week is Pictures on a Crooked Wall by Tenille, who I mentioned in Friday's post.
She's a Canadian country singer-songwriter whose debut album came out earlier this month and I'm in love with her song Pictures on a Crooked Wall and the video for it is simply amazing!
Watch it below!

Happy Tuesday!

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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Hats ♥

I felt more hats were needed in my life... my wardrobe doesn't reflect my love for hats at all.
So I scoured the internet for some super awesome hats (!!)
Hats. ♥

Dorothy Perkins floppy hat
£18 -

River Island floppy hat
£17 -

Dorothy Perkins straw trilby hat
£16 -

River Island black hat
£25 -

River Island pink straw hat
£15 -

TopShop oversized hat
$50 -

The topshop hat also comes in orange and pink... I had a hard time choosing which one to put in the set.
Although my favourites are trilby and bowler hats, I do love big floppy hats a lot!

Hope you had/are having a great weekend!

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Friday, 17 June 2011

This Weeks Playlist [17/6/11]

This Weeks Playlist - 17/6/11

Welcome to This Weeks Playlist - A collection of songs that I've loved most this week!
All songs are linked, click on the artists name to go to a page where you can listen to the song.

Broken Doll - Anna Nalick
Blowin' In The Wind - Bob Dylan
Any Way I Want To - Delta Maid
I Put Your Records On - The Pierces
Pictures On a Crooked Wall - Tenille
Goonight Bad Morning - The Kills
Mexian Moon - Concrete Blonde
Long Live The Queen - Frank Turner
Saviour - Rise Against
Stuck Like Glue - Sugarland

Notes and rambles about this week's songs;
This weeks playlist contains a lot of favourites and current favourites.
Anna Nalick recently released her long awaited album - Broken doll & Odds and Ends.  
Broken Doll is one of my favourites on it!
My list of favourite songs by Bob Dylan (whom I adore) is quite long... but Blowin in the Wind is probably near the top.
Delta Maid ( post about her soon!) is my latest obsession. Her voice is like heaven
Any Way I Want To is my current favourite song by her.
Having seen them recently, I'm spending a lot of time listening to The Pierces. New favourite song = I Put Your Records On.
She started following me on twitter recently and so I thought I better check her out... Tenille is a new Canadian country singer & songwriter and she is amazing. I bought two of her songs on itunes and I can't stop listening to Pictures on a Crooked Wall.
I can't wait to buy her debut album! It came out on the 11th (June), but I have an itunes bill to pay yet! Haha.
My current favourite The Kills song is Goodnight Bad Morning ♥
Again, it's hard to choose a favourite Concrete Blonde song because the list gets longer each time I think about it. But Mexican Moon comes close and I've been listening to it a lot recently.
My favourite song off Love, Ire & Song. Long live the queen by Frank Turner was very near the top of my most played songs on itunes on my old laptop. 
I recently had to rack my brains when someone asked me what my favourite Rise Against song was. I sat and listened to an album or two especially and wrote a list. I drew a heart next to Saviour and so I figured that was a sign. I do love the song and I've been listening to it a lot since making that list.
Stuck Like Glue is like a need in my day. It's so addictive and I need to listen it too many times in the day.

That was a lot of rambling... sorry.
Happy Friday!
Q: What are your current favourite songs?

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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Things I Love Thursday [16/6/11]

Things I Love Thursday ♥

Happy Thursday, and welcome to today's love list

Loveliness ♥;
♥ Planning outfits on polyvore. ♥ New music ♥ Peter pan collars ♥ Re-arranging my wardrobe - it is now in colour order. Yes... I'm being serious. ♥ Spending too much time in record stores ♥ Instagram.Instagram.Instagram. ♥ Shopping with my sister ♥ Finally catching up with blogging/reading/commenting ♥ This post by Corrine of Frock and Roll - ultra inspiring (!!) ♥

Photo Love;






Have a nice Thursday!

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