Thursday, 28 April 2011

Photos and other adventures

Apologies for no post yesterday, but my laptop has gone further downhill and is only turning on for a few minutes at a time. Boo!
I'm planning on getting just a little netbook on Tuesday. It's not really what I want, but it's all I can afford right now. And I need a laptop as soon as possible.
So yes. I'm currently using my mum's laptop to do this blog post.
Which is another 'photo diary' I guess.
I still have that shopping and outfit post to do, and I promise it will still be coming up.



28411 014

28411 005

28411 002

So until I get another laptop (on Tuesday) posting may be a little slow.
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  1. ohh adorable top so so pretty!!!! :)

    xo Emma

  2. love love love this. thanks for another amazing post love. Don't forget to swing by to see my latest LAX fashion post. xoxo

    Follow on twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news.!/FashBoulevard

  3. that pink shirt is sooo cute! my laptop just broke today too :( must be the season, hmph!

    <3 steffy
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