Thursday, 7 April 2011

Skulls & Stripes ♥ Outfit - 07/4/11

Outfit - 07/4/11

My new shoes arrived today (!!) ♥ I impatiently sat and waited for them to come,  and I thought they would be awesome for the first outfit post on my blog! And so, away I went to raid my rail of clothes that are still out (because I'm moving - Note: no girl should ever have to pack clothes away. Ever.). 

I have my 'going' outfit (what i'm wearing the day I move) in my mind. It involves these shoes, but not this exact outfit. I don't have the complete outfit yet, it's been bought, but Mr. Postman (Or Miss Postlady... as it is quite often) is yet to bring it and I didn't want to wait to show you these shoes!

Top - Topshop
D.I.Y Shorts - Topshop
(Favorite) Bag - Rock Rebel /
Shoes - Iron Fist /

I can't remember where I got the socks from... and my that's bandana tied to my bag which I always forget to take off.
I should be able to do more (and better) outfit posts when I move :]

P.S - I was also wearing a super awesome hair band with a huge bow on it - but this blog post is already quite picture heavy. Haha!
Check it out!


  1. Very cute outfit! I love those shoes! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! :)

  2. Love the flats so cute!!! (:

    xo Emma

  3. yay dont you just love new shoes. i love your shorts, so cool. im following, hope you do the same :)


  4. OMG! I love your flats! the skulls are so cute ! I super love your blog, so ROCK ! i started following your blog because its very unique and awesome from all the other fashion blogs i saw. Really cool much! Is it okay for you to follow back also ?? if its okay ?? HAHA , thankyou :) take care . wonderful!!!