Thursday, 14 April 2011

Things I Love Thursday [14/4/11]

Things I Love Thursday ♥

This weeks love list has a bit of a unintentional theme.. moving.

Little pieces of loveliness; 
♥ Finally moving house - even though I'm highly frustrated by the lack of internet, it's nice to be here. ♥ Unpacking all my stuff! ....And wondering where it all came from. ♥ Planning the decoration of my new room... I'm thinking purple. ♥ Spending too much time in the book store... Previously I lived in a tiny town that didn't have much of a book store, so it's nice to have a big one. ♥

Photo love ♥

This makes me want to do something epic to my guitar...

Hello Kitty DM's (!!)

Happy Thursday!
(P.S - I still have no internet. Groan.)

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