Monday, 11 April 2011

A few stressful hours later...

I made a (real) daisy head band

I've officially moved house (!!) After starting the day at 7am, the removal van coming at 9am, then getting a taxi at 10:45am... I can officially say we successfully moved house! There was a few little bumps, and let downs... like the house being far from tidy. Oh, and one major thing: They won't re-connect us to the internet for at least 3 days. It was supposed to be within a day, seeing as we gave them a lot of notice.
And so, sad to say I'm not spending tonight in the new house.. but two streets away, at my sisters.
So I can use her internet, haha. Yes, internet access means that much to me.
As stupid as it sounds, I get really bored without internet, and too much bordem makes me go a little... blah.

While I was waiting for the stuff to be put in the removal van, I went out into the garden and made a daisy chain... which I then converted into a headband. :D (see picture above)

Thank you for all the sweet comments wishing me luck with the move! ♥ You made my day.
It was all a little stressful, but I've moved enough times to expect all of it.
I'm glad to be here. It's kinda nice to be back in the county I was born in.

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  1. yay. congrats. i hope you are loving it as much as im loving your headband. amazing. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Swing by to see three new post today on all the latest celebrity fashion news. xoxo

  2. Love this, lady. I can't wait to put flowers in my hair.

    strawberry freckleface

  3. the headband is adorable and i totally understand how you feel about the interwebs. im sad when i dont have my laptop with me lol


  4. Cute headband! I love it! Congrats on finally moving in. :)

  5. Good luck sweety, finally you moved!!!Love your flower headband!

  6. flowers in your hair... isn't this adorable! great post...

    ps. I would like to invite you to the first giveaway on blog!