Sunday, 24 April 2011

Photo Diary - 24/4/11

I've gotta say I'm pretty gutted our trip to the beach this morning was a total fail.
Yesterday it was SO hot, but this morning felt more like a typical British April day - Clouds... wind... more clouds threatening rain. Did I mention we have clouds?
I swear as soon as we got on the bus home.. the sun came out though. Oh sigh.
So today, instead of a post with lots of pretty photos from the beach (the tide was also so far in that you couldn't get on the beach even if you were brave enough to face the weather) an unplanned post of the weekend's photo diary.

1. My (Vegan) Easter egg / 2. Hollie (my niece). / 3. My hair, cherry top / 4. Favorite shirt / 5. Roxy towel & bikini, Hello Kitty flip flops / 6. Beach bag / 7. Beach bag, guitar / 8. Sparkly heart socks / 9. Bright pink converse / 10. Guitar, lyric book / 11. Easter card from Hollie

Hope ya'll are having (or had) a great Easter! ♥

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1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry you couldn't go to the beach, but I love your photos!! :)