Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Hey there stranger!

I'm just about back! I took a little (...big?) break and I finally managed to get a new laptop and now I think everything should return to normal.
My new laptop isn't exactly what I wanted - it's a baby laptop - it's very cute but not exactly what I want. But it's all I can afford right now. And as long as I can get on the internet, that's all that matters really.
Today, I just have a quick post - (although later, if I have time, I may do a proper post) - of my instagram photos! I'm a little in love with instagram, I think it's awesome!

1. Pink and white themed outfit! / 2. Pink converse; Striped tights / 3. 1am, with my panda / 4. My baby laptop! / 5. Today / 6. Pixie (my cat) / 7. A few days ago...

Thanks for sticking with me while I took a too-long break!

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