Friday, 22 April 2011


Finally, we have internet! Having moved on the 11th, I figured it'd take them a couple of day's to re-connect us (it's not as if we were changing providers...) but apparently not. It took just over a week.
I'm sure we're all aware that I'm nothing without the internet (haha) It was kind of nice for a few days...
I got a lot done. I unpacked a lot more stuff than I would have if I had internet access.
Sometimes it's nice to take a little break, turn your laptop off, just sit and read for a while.
But not for 10-11 days... for me.
And so I'm more than glad everything's (nearly) back to normal.
I have a lot to catch up on... and I mean I lot. I have 149 messages and 305 (and counting) unread blog posts on bloglovin.
So today, after I've been out, I will be playing catch up properly & checking out all the comments you've left, visiting your blogs etc.
A huge thank you for understanding and sticking around even though there's been a bit of a delay in posting and lack of real posting.

I'll be posting properly, later on!

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