Friday, 10 June 2011

What I Wore - 8/6/11

Apologies for not posting for a few days! I went to Nottingham on Wednesday and came back yesterday. I mentioned a post or two back that I was going to see The Pierces, and that's what I done on Wednesday evening.
They were amazing (!!) As were their two supporting acts; Alice gold & Delta Maid - And I will, for sure, be posting about them on my music blog in the next few days.

However, over here on my fashion/style/personal... everything else blog, I'm of course going to blog about my outfit and my day!
I spent just over 2 hours travelling - one bus, two trains & one taxi. In that order!
And when I got off my first train it was very sunny & pretty warm! I was impressed. However, while going through various places on my second train - there was no sun. I was pretty concerned considering I was going to be standing in a queue with a white dress on, later on.
The wonderful British weather came into full force while I was in the taxi to my hotel - It hailed. Hard.
So my outfit didn't go to plan, I wasn't into risking getting so cold I go home ill, so I put my jeans on instead of the tights. Also, I put my jacket on over the dress - for two reasons: I forgot my vest top to wear underneath because the dress is relatively see-through (boo!) & also, it was cold.

Obviously, again, my outfit photos aren't up to much. And the quality isn't so good this time as the lighting was different. I took them in my hotel room. Haha! I hope you like them anyway.

Dress - New Look
(faux) Leather Jacket - Internacionale
Jeans -  Internacionale
Oxfords - Primark
Flower Clip - Claire's

I also apologize for the state of my hand... I blame the weather.

I had a wonderful Wednesday, I hope you did too. I now have a lot to catch up on!
Happy Friday!
P.S - I took a lot of photos at the show on Wednesday and you can see them on my Flickr!

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  1. I love your shoes! :)