Saturday, 4 June 2011

Grown Up Goth: A peek into

Today, I present a peek into my ever changing style. Entitled 'grown up goth' because I in fact was a 'goth' for quite a while.
I was very reluctant to change my style, I wasn't into fashion as much as I am now and there definitely wasn't any other style that appealed to me.
And that style was the one I fell in love with, so I wanted to keep as much of it as possible. But maybe kind of 'upgrade' it and that's what I mean by 'grown up goth' - It's similar, just more grunge and romantic/Victorian elements.

I shall go from head to toe - I made some polyvore sets earlier for clearer examples and ideas.


All Saints flower top
$115 -

All Saints draped top
$180 -

All Saints draped top
$125 -

All Saints striped top
$95 -

Miss Selfridge black waistcoat
25 GBP -

Miss selfridge
18 GBP -

My general palette is black, red & white - I love stripes, lace & draping. I look for tops with detailing and abstract prints but also that destroyed, burnt look. & I'm very into collars right now.



TopShop rope jewelry
$30 -

Chain jewelry
$28 -

TopShop metal jewelry
$60 -

Cord Through Chain Collar
$28 -

As much as I love rings, I can't wear them. I just can't get on with them. So I stick to bracelets and necklaces. But mostly necklaces, because my wrists are impossibly small and things just fall off of them.
Luckily, you can get some amazing necklaces. I tend to go for big, statement and highly detailed necklaces.
Skulls, chains & spikes are my favourites.

Bottoms - Shorts;

Distressed Shorts

Secret;BB distressed denim shorts
$68 -

Ksubi denim shorts
$125 -

PRPS cotton shorts
155 GBP -

TopShop hot shorts
$70 -

I chose to do a polyvore set of shorts because of the current season and the impossible amount of shorts that are in my wardrobe. I do wear skirts & jeans. But usually; I wear shorts and tights in summer and jeans in winter.
I tend to make my own shorts. I cut my jeans into shorts and customize them with studs and patches.
But there are some awesome shorts out there right now!

Tights & Socks;
Socks & Tights

Miss Selfridge nylon stocking
10 GBP -

TopShop nylon stocking
$16 -

TopShop lace tight
$24 -

Miss Selfridge black socks
8.50 GBP -

Black cotton socks
$8 -

Cotton socks
$8 -

I love tights! I love how many different styles you can get now. I own and look for; lace and lace detailed, striped, detailed & single colour tights. And knee high, cable knit & lace ankle socks.

Flats; Boots. Wedges. Platforms.

Peep toe wedge
$140 -

Irregular Choice wedge high heels
$240 -

Jeffrey Campbell stretch boots
$265 -

Leather shoes
$140 -

I tend to stick to flats, wedges & platforms. I think I get weak ankles off my mother. Cause I can't walk in heels to save my life.
I love and own boots more than anything I think. But I equally love oxfords, wedges & creepers.
Jeffrey Campbell & Irregular Choice are probably forever my favourites.

I hope you enjoyed a look into my style. And liked the polyvore sets too! ♥
P.S - I'm so behind with blog reading and commenting. But I will get round to it though, I promise.

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  1. I love these pick and the All Saints Top is my fave!

  2. awesome post, love the shorts n shoes!!! :)

    xo Emma

  3. ohh i love the stripey tops!

  4. Lovely selections!!!I've choosen one item from every signe categorie to create the perfect outfit :)!