Sunday, 12 June 2011


So, there are to be changes! In a effort to blog more and make my blog more personal I will be combining my music blog with this blog. So I'll be doing music posts on here now too.
& I want to make my blog more personal, because that's why I started my blog in the first place - to share things, to post what I want not what I feel I should & have an all round personal blog. Right now I feel my blog is... all over the place and... blah.
So changes are in the sort of things I'll be posting. I'm not doing anything crazy like changing the name, as I was very impressed with myself when I came up with 'rock 'n' roll gypsy', haha!
Fashion is a big part of my life, so none of what I usually post will be disappearing.
I'm just widening the area of what I post.
So this is just a little heads up.

And I have so much to catch up on still... so posting might be a little slow. If it is, sorry.
Hope you all had/are having a wonderful weekend!

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