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This Weeks Playlist [24/6/11]

This Weeks Playlist - 24/6/11

Welcome to This Weeks Playlist - A collection of songs that I've loved most this week!
All songs are linked, click on the artists name to go to a page where you can listen to the song.
(I don't have a link for Note to Self, but ya'll should just go and buy her album anyway!)

Car Crash - Anna Nalick
Angela - Missy Higgins
Collapse (Post Amerika) - Rise Against
Fireflies - Faith Hill
You Lie - The Band Perry
Note To Self - Tenille
Long Live - Taylor Swift
Sleeps - Summerlin
Glorious - The Pierces

Notes & rambles about this weeks songs;
Car Crash is my new favourite Anna Nalick song, it's kind of been on repeat this week. And it's climbing fast up the list of most played songs on my itunes.
I fell in love with the lyrics of Angela by Missy Higgins this week. Just incredible.
There has been a lot of listening to Rise Against been going on recently. And now, today, I found out they're going on a UK tour and so listening is not going to stop any time soon. This week I chose Collapse (Post Amerika) for this weeks playlist because it was on repeat at the start of the week.
I do believe on my Last FM page, it says: 'I'm both a long time punk fan & country fan' - and that sums this weeks playlist up in a nutshell I think... and my taste in music. Being a country fan means I'm a fan of Faith Hill. And Fireflies is just... amazing. The lyrics are stunning. I love it.
I would very much like Kimberly Perry's voice please. Ugh, it's perfect. Secret pleasures aside... You Lie is one of those songs I just have to listen to over and over again. Because I love it that much.
I finally got round to buying Tenille's debut album this week! I instantly fell in love with every song... which made it hard to choose just one to put in this weeks playlist. But I choose Note To Self, because it struck a chord with me. I felt I related to it a lot. And she just has such an incredible voice.
I could literally listen to Long Live all day, I swear. It's no secret that Taylor Swift is my favourite person.. (yes person not just singer or song writer.. because she's all of those too.) and she's my most played artist on Last FM & itunes. Long Live makes me emotional, it probably shouldn't but it does. I love the lyrics, the meaning... everything.
I had to put Summerlin in, not just because I adore them but because I went to see them yesterday! Yesss. They were amazing, as is this song! Sleeps is their latest song and I love it!
Whenever I listen to Glorious it makes me want to sing. Really loudly. Haha! I've seen them perform it live which makes me listen to it even more I think.
Change is such an incredible song. I find it very inspiring and beyond true...
And once again this has been a lot of rambling.
I'd like to congratulate you if you read it all!

If you're getting bored with my music related posts, don't worry, I have a fashion post tomorrow!

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