Friday, 27 May 2011

Things I Love... Friday?

Things I Love Thursday Friday ♥

I forgot to do my TiLT yesterday, and so today we have, Things I Love Friday!

Little bursts of loveliness;
♥ Mentally planning outfits. ♥ My Paramore door - I'm slowly getting round to re-putting my posters up (... We moved a month ago and I'm just getting round it.) Some may argue that maybe it's about time I stopped putting posters on my wall, however, I love having them there. It's not the same without them. ♥ The rain - no, really. I love rain. There's been quite a lack of it (...for England.). & I genuinely love the epic bursts of sun and then huge downpours of rain. ♥ Planning re-decoration of my room ♥ Flower crowns (...I bought a new one! I'm yet to take a photo though.) ♥ Being replied to on twitter by Sumo Cyco. (maybe I should add, being called 'Miss C' by MD from Sumo Cyco is also quite lovely...) ♥ Taking too many photos ♥ Hair adventures - that's: 'putting my hair up a hundred different ways' in normal terms. My hair's getting quite long now, so I get bored sometimes. ♥ The Rocket Summer's New Acoustic Live Album, which you can download for FREE (!!) At It's amazing! ♥ 

Photo Love ♥

Hope you all had a wonderful Thursday! 
happy Friday ♥

P.S - Thanks for all the new follows and lovely comments. I will get round to checking out your blogs.
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  1. Thanks Misty (or Skye)!!! Happy Friday to you too!
    P.S. First Giveaway on my blog!

  2. I love the pictures!! Nice post!