Tuesday, 31 May 2011

June ♥

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June's Wishes, Plans & Aims; ♥
Happy Tuesday! I figured seeing as it's the last day of May, I'd make my list of aims/plans etc. for June!
I'm looking forward to June, it's more summery. And I'd like to move on from May... it wasn't the best of months if I'm being honest. Onto the list!

  • Finally invest in at least a tripod. I want a new camera, but don't necessarily need one. However, I do need a tripod! 
  • Outfit posts. Outfit posts. Outfit posts. Proper ones!
  • And regular, lengthy features/articles - sometimes I feel as though my blog is lacking in actual content.
  • Bake more! I haven't actually done any baking since we moved (!!). So I definitely need to do some baking in June.
  • Write all my lyrics into my notebook - Since my other laptop died I'm terrified of losing them (I very almost did). But that's what I get for being lazy and storing them on my laptop rather than properly. Plus I have this awesome notebook for them!
  • Other wishes etc. include: Generally having a good June, achieving more & happiness.
I hope you had a good May and I hope you have an even better June ♥

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1 comment:

  1. I hope you'll the post these new lyrics!
    I share with you most of your objectives but not the baking one as I am a total mess about it!