Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Preparing to Speak Now.

[Note: I haven't blogged in forever, even though I said I would, sorry about that.]

So, it's just two weeks 'til I head off to Manchester to see Taylor Swift - I would go into why & how much this means to me, but I wouldn't know where to begin... or stop :P
I wanted to blog and so I figured I'd blog about this and tell you what I'm doing/how I'm doing it - It's probably more interesting to swifties, but anyway.

Let's start at the beginning:
I'm getting a train to Manchester (oxford road) in the morning that takes just under 4 hours (...I guess it's good I like travelling) I should get in at 3:40 and then I'm getting a taxi (because, I'm not, I repeat, not, getting lost) to my hotel and checking in.
At 4:00/4:30 I'm heading down to Victoria station to meet some swifties (yay!) :D And to paint faces and such.
(Warning: If you are a swiftie, there is a 95% chance I will hug you. Just saying.)

I took some photos earlier of my 'speak now bag' that was formally called my 'gig' bag but couldn't resist re-naming it.
It has all the stuff I'm taking with me to Victoria station/The arena.

This is the actual bag. It's more of a mini bag. And it's SO sparkly (!!) 
which is always awesome.

The inside is very purple themed.

The contents! - Face paint, UV face paint, My 'speak now' wristband,
eyeliner 'pen', green & purple liquid eyeliner & my purple bow for the
purple ribbon project.

I'm painting a '13' on my hand in purple and green with a black outline and with face paint I'm doing a heart with 'TS' in it on one cheek and 'speak now' on the other.
And I'm planning on wearing a purple t-shirt that says 'Be Fearless and Speak Now' in silver glitter.
And on the back it has my Taylor Connect username. :D
This is the plan anyway.

For anyone that's reading this and actually going to the show (Manchester 29/03/11) I'm in block 107 so let me know if you're anywhere near :] or even if you're just going!

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