Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I Was Screaming Long Live... (quite literally).

Having calmed down and grasped that yesterday actually happened and I wasn't dreaming (...again) today's blog post is - inevitably - about Taylor Swift & her Manchester concert yesterday.
It was magical beyond words. But I already knew it would be.

It was superr sunny and warm on the day which I was truly grateful for. Because I had an hour wait for my train. Waiting for a train in the sunshine is pretty awesome ♥

(On my way! - Train window view.)

I firstly caught a bus (40 minutes - to the train station) and then a train (3hrs40mins) and FINALLY arrived in Manchester a few minutes late. (boo!)
I was so glad to be there, despite that though. My excitement was out-ran by my needing to rush - I needed to check into my hotel before going to the arena and I was already a little late - But if I wasn't running late enough already, when I was checking into the hotel, the woman's computer crashed for like 20 minutes.
When I finally checked in, I literally chucked everything into the room, reapplied my make-up, put on 13 glow bracelets, my t-shirt and purple ribbon and headed to the arena.
I forgot to paint a 13 on my hand (big, bigg fail) and I also forgot my speak now wristband (more fails).

(T-shirt, ticket, purple ribbon - for the TC purple ribbon project)

(The arena Pre-Taylor madness)

I missed out on the Fearless tour, because my life was literally very different then, I would've loved to go but that can't change now. I'm so glad I got to go to the Speak Now World tour ♥
It was magical in every way.
I didn't have a lot of money on me (...all my money went on travel & accommodation) but I knew I HAD to buy at least a t-shirt from the merch stand and so that's what I did. (I don't have a picture of it... yet)
It's currently my favorite thing. Because it reminds me of everything about that day.

All the photos I took (...remembering I was in block 107. So I wasn't very near at all. Until she came onto the 2nd/mini stage) are on my Flickr here:

I feel as though I need to sleep for about a week now... Haha.
Completely worth it in every way possible though.


  1. Very cool. Taylor Swift is a sweetie!

  2. So cool!!!Thanks for sharing!